Response to Article posted in June 2024 issue of Professional Roofing magazine

Understanding Fastener Substitutions in FM-Approved RoofNav Assemblies

In the June 2024 issue of Professional Roofing magazine, Mark S. Graham discusses "Fastener Adds" in his article "The Lightning Round." On page 19, under the section "Fastener Adds," Graham implies that fastener suppliers have been advertising and directly contacting roof system suppliers, wholesalers, and contractors, offering their fasteners as substitutes for use in specific RoofNav assemblies, even when these fasteners are not FM approved for such applications.

While some fastener suppliers may promote their products as suitable replacements despite not being FM-approved for specific RoofNav assemblies, I haven't encountered these advertisements. It would be beneficial to review these articles for a clearer understanding. Please send them to me

A critical point raised in the article is whether the roofing industry is so uninformed that such practices must be explicitly addressed. Fortunately, organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) play a vital role in educating industry members. Our observations suggest that contractors approved to install specific manufacturer systems are well aware of the necessity to use properly labeled fasteners, even if it's for a full system warranty and not strictly an FM RoofNav project. Manufacturers clearly understand the requirement for FM-approved fasteners for RoofNav projects, and wholesalers we interact with are knowledgeable about both manufacturer warranties and the requirements for RoofNav projects. So much so that I’m having difficulty understanding the point Graham attempted to make.

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