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Ace Screws' fasteners, insulation, and seam plates are approved to be used by many major material manufacturers. Ask your representative or call us for more information.

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Updated 9/01/22:

Millions of screws and plates available this month. On-hand inventory changing daily, please give us a call at 855-925-5138 for the latest inventory or to place your order!

Ace is currently shipping to many material manufacturers and wholesalers. Please contact us for more info.

Ace Screws is accepting full container orders to be placed in the September manufacturing cycle, for fall delivery, for #15 and #12 fasteners.


Commercial Roof Screws & Plates

Ace Screws roofing fasteners and plates are approved by many of the major material manufactures to be utilized in full system warranties.

FM approvals are in progress. Ace Screws fasteners and seam plates were recently rated a FM 1-235 in the FM wind uplift testing. We are now waiting on the FM technical department to get back to us with their results. If all goes well, we hope to have letter of approval in mid – August as well as the Miami Dade certification, with the expectation of approval in the fall.

After 15-cycle Din 50018 Ace Screws showed less than 5% red rust. Ace Plates showed less than 1% red rust, with 15% being acceptable.

Our screws go through continuous Quality Assurance testing to include tensile strength, shear strength, pull test, torque back-out. We continue to push the envelope to improve upon all these factors.

Presently, Ace Screws is accepting full container orders to be placed in the August and September manufacturing cycle for delivery in early fall for #15 and #12 fasteners.

With our our on-hand inventory changing daily, please give us a call at 855-925-5138 for the latest inventory or to place your order! 

3rd Party Testing

Quality Assurance

Ace Screws takes great pride in offering you the highest quality fasteners. Our factory is 9001 compliant with all needed ASTM testing equipment onsite. Our fasteners are regularly tested by 3rd party ASTM testing facilities, achieving the consistent results they were designed for. Ace Screws and plate roof fastening systems won’t let you down.

We're proud of our ISO 9001-2015 factory

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Ace Screws is a New Jersey-based commercial roofing material supplier which offers high-quality screws and plates. We offer competitive prices for our products, along with superior customer service to ensure you have the right information to make your decision.

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