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The Ace #12 SKINNYnSTRONG™ Roofing Screws are designed to be used with Ace 3” Insulation Plates to secure ridged insulation, cover boards and base sheet, to steel or wood structural decks. Fasteners ranging in length from 1-5/8” to 8” are available to meet a variety of commercial roofing applications.

Method of Application

1. Using the #3 Phillips tip provided, and a variable speed drill, engage the fastener into the deck as noted below. Do not over or under drive the fastener. Threads must engage the decking material per Technical Specifications.

2. Determine screw length as follows:

a. Steel Decks: Select fastener length to penetrate through the deck a minimum of 3 ⁄ 4" (19.1 mm).

b. Wood Decks: Select fastener length to penetrate into or through the deck a minimum of 1" (25.4 mm).

3. Ace #12 Fasteners may not work as expected through existing roof systems or unusual substrates.

4. For best results, use a variable-speed screw gun (0-2500 RPM). Do not over tighten.


Store in original, unopened packaging protected from the weather.


Eye protection must be worn during the installation of the fasteners.

Ace #12 Fastener Minimum Specification (Actual Test Results)
ASTM F6096/F606M-2019
MinimumAverageGa, ksiAverage
2760 lbf
2928 lbf22 Ga, 40 Grade461 lb
Shear Test
2640 lbf2674 lbf22 Ga, 80 Grade483 lb
Torque Test
80 lbf-in89 lbf-in19/32" Plywood596 lb
DIN 50018 15 cycles Kesternich

Black e-coat
<15% red rust<5% red rust Exceeds FM 4470 Requirements


#12 Fastener Data Sheet